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George Floyd.

Breonna Taylor.

Ahmaud Arbery.

Tony McDade.

E. J. Bradford.

       These are just a few of the most recent lives cut short by white supremacy and police brutality. Their lives were ended and replaced with headlines that won’t bring them back and hashtags that don’t bring them justice. At MobPride, we believe this cycle of hatred, violence, death, and injustice must end. We stand in solidarity with our community as they are peacefully protesting against the systemic racism that continues to harm Black Communities across this country.

       Anti-Black Violence and institutional racism in our country dates back centuries and, unfortunately, that means that dismantling this oppression will take more than a few supportive words, kind thoughts, and well-intentioned prayers. It will take each one of us showing up and speaking out in solidarity with our Black friends and neighbors. It will take each of us confronting our white privilege, listening to and lifting up those Black voices, speaking out against the effects of white privilege and racism, and actively standing up against racism and injustice anywhere we encounter it. It will take every one of us doing what is right, regardless of whether it is comfortable or easy to do so.     

       From the very beginning, Pride was a riot. Frustrated with years of abuse at the hands of the NYPD, Queer people of color took matters into their own hands and stood up for what was right. This Pride, we ask you to join us in honoring their legacy and stand up for Black Lives. We have a large platform in our community, and as such we believe it is our responsibility to use that platform to help those who need it. We will be using our time and energy to amplify Black Voices in our community in the fight for justice. We have attached a list of resources for education, community organizations, and local bail or mutual aid funds as places to start.

All lives won't matter until

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Chance Shaw

President, MobPride